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HIRT kinetics SF 90

Merging the interior and exterior in perfection: HIRT kinetics SF 90 open elegantly and quietly until they disappear completely into the floor, opening the building in an incomparable way. The impression of weightlessness is not just an illusion: the moving window front is perfectly balanced by a counterweight. With a sash depth of 90 mm, HIRT kinetics SF 90 is particularly slim and can be used up to a dimension of 6 m.

Technical data


Max. Height
6 m
Max. Width
6 m
Max. Surface Area
18 m2
Max. Weight
1,5 t
Max. Glass Thickness
63 mm
Installation Depth Mounting Frame
160 mm
Installation Depth Sash
90 mm
Opening Direction


Air permeability in accordance with EN1026/EN12207
Class 4
Resistance to wind loads in accordance with EN122117EN12210
Class C4
Rain impermeability in accordance with EN1027/EN12208
Class E1500
Pneumatic gasket
Yes (standard)

Security Options

Burglary protection glass according to DIN EN 356
Burglary protection resistance classes according to DIN EN 1627
RC 3
Bullet proof glass according to EN 1063


HIRT kinetics SF 90

HIRT kinetics has been upgrading private homes and commercial buildings across the globe for many years. Our large descending windows can withstand extreme climatic conditions and have a proven track record of operation even in highly challenging environments.


HIRT kinetics solutions are not suspended. Instead, they rest on a supporting structure that is linked to a counterweight. The system is perfectly balanced, which allows for the system to move effortlessly and silently with the use of a small motor.


The “small” model, HIRT kinetics SF 90, supports a max. width of 6 m/19.5 ft and a max. height of 6 m/19.5 ft. The maximum size is 18 m2/200 sqf and the maximum weight of the movable element is 1500 kg/3,300 lb.


The maximum glass thickness for HIRT kinetics SF 90 is 63 mm/2.5 in. Triple insulating glass, double insulating glass or single-pane glass can be installed. Special glass, such as bullet-proof safety glass, can also be installed as an option.


This threshold allows for safety, comfort and modern design. Groove-milled stainless steel is a real eye-catcher. It is completely level and free of protrusions, providing full accessibility on foot or wheels that can withstand high loads. Customized designs using other materials such as wood, stone or other flooring materials are also possible. In this way, the threshold can become virtually invisible.

SF 90 References

Even though the SF 90 is the smallest member of our HIRT kinetics SF family, it will still blow your mind. The sight of a barrier measuring up to 18,5 m2 / 200 sq ft silently descending into the ground will have heads turning and jaws dropping. All our products are manufactured with advanced technology and uncompromising quality.