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Leaving everyday life behind: A beach house in the mountains

A holiday by the sea promises an easy life in the sunny warmth of the outdoors. And even though Switzerland is technically a landlocked country, the architects of Definti Brunner Architekten succeeded in conveying this special attitude towards life into the Swiss mountains: In Uitikon, high above Lake Zurich, the result is an open villa with a beach house feeling which, thanks to HIRT kinetics retractable fronts, merges inside and outside in an inimitable way.

Bright, natural materials and an unprecedented openness – the single-family home in Uitikon possesses a real beach house flair.

A perfect beach house feeling: Living as though by the turquoise sea

Beach houses have a charm all of their own: they feel light, airy, and clear. In this way, they manage to focus one’s gaze on the essentials – that is, on the magnificent scenery that lies just outside the door: the sea, beach, and dunes. The interplay of wind, water, waves, and clouds and the wide expanse of nature allows one’s thoughts to come to rest and the soul to find balance.

You can feel nature as the fresh air tickles your nose and the sun’s rays warm your heart. This is wellness at its best! A spacious patio invites you to spend some special time outdoors – most of all in the evening when you can enjoy the magical play of colours at sunset. All the while, the pool beckons you to cool off in a sophisticated atmosphere.

It is this unique beach house feeling of freedom and nature which Definti Brunner Architekten bring to Switzerland. In Uitikon, on the western side of the Uetliberg mountain, they created a modern single-family home in the style of a beach house. This dream home extends over two levels: On the upper floor, the family enjoys an unobstructable view of the surrounding landscape. But the real highlight of the house is hidden on the ground floor. This is where HIRT kinetics retractable windows connect the living space with the garden, which descends terrace-like and also houses a pool.

The house and garden are characterised by clear design elements and focus on minimalist elegance.

Multiple levels open up the hillside property. The spacious pool promises a chance to cool off.

Generous awnings provide shelter from the sun reminiscent of a fabric-covered beach pavilion.

Bright & minimalist: a perfect implementation of the beach house concept

Bringing nature, and with it light and air, back into everyday life – that is the mission not only of HIRT kinetics AG with its moving architecture, but also of the architectural firm Definti Brunner Architekten.

Natural materials such as wood, stone, and exposed concrete line the rooms. Everything is bright and open. This concept of clarity also includes large window fronts that open up the architecture even more. On the ground floor, Definti Brunner Architekten, together with the client, opted for something truly special: retractable fronts by HIRT kinetics. At the touch of a button, these fronts sink into the ground as if weightless, allowing the inside and outside to merge in a unique way. In fine weather, the living space is enlarged many times over and seems to extend all the way to the horizon, where on a clear day Lake Zurich – the “sea of Switzerland” – glistens.

On warm days, when the window fronts are lowered, a cooling breeze wafts through the rooms, bringing with it the chirping of birds. And in less splendid weather, the retractable fronts simply stay closed. Thanks to perfect pneumatic seals, neither draughts nor heavy rain stand a chance.

A beach house in Uitikon: consciously thinking outside the box

In the villa in Uitikon, four HIRT kinetics SF 90 retractable fronts were installed, each 4 metres long, 2.67 metres high and weighing 545 kilograms. Additionally, they take up the shape of the property at large, forming a 90° corner. Thus, on two sides of the house, they provide direct access to the garden with its spacious, all-round wooden patio.

At HIRT moving architecture, maximum perfection is the order of the day as “engineering made in Switzerland” obliges. The HIRT planners keep an eye on even the smallest detail: Thus, the retractable fronts disappear seamlessly into the ground so that no barrier remains to mar the impression. To achieve this, they come with inconspicuous floor-sealing or gap-reducing caps that are perfectly matched to the floor in material and colour. Likewise, the installation profiles on the walls and ceiling are integrated into the design so that they, too, are hardly noticeable. Additionally, HIRT kinetics retractable fronts can be easily incorporated into a Smart Home system which allows you to raise and lower them simply via smartphone or tablet.

Let the magic of HIRT moving architecture inspire you to bring light, air, and nature back into your home. HIRT kinetics retractable fronts promise a special lifestyle full of freedom, clarity, and boundless openness. Make an appointment for a consultation today. The HIRT planners will be happy to explain to you in detail the many advantages and infinite possibilities of movable architecture.

The view is spectacular and unobstructed. Thanks to the huge panorama fronts, a feeling of vastness and openness fills the living space.

Where does the inside end and the outside begin? The transition is fluid, as the same materials used indoors are also skilfully continued on the outside.

HIRT moving architecture adds movement into your life

HIRT designers question classical architectural concepts: Why are buildings static while life is dynamic and full of change? Their answer is as simple as it is ingenious. With HIRT moving architecture, they put buildings in motion. Massive architectural elements disappear as if by magic. Windows, fences, and even entire walls are given a completely new twist.

HIRT kinetics retractable fronts do not have the same classic suspension as normal windows or doors. Instead, they stand on a finely balanced supporting structure that is raised and lowered by a quiet motor. Pneumatic seals ensure optimal thermal insulation for the large panorama panes. Nothing is left to be desired with regards to safety, either: Triple glazing, bullet resistance, and nano-sealing are only a few examples of what is possible.

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