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HIRT kinetics SF XL

While HIRT kinetics SF XL are based on the same principle as SF 90, they are designed for larger dimensions: A floating frame allows them to open gracefully downwards until they are completely submerged in the ground.

HIRT kinetics SF XL supports spectacular dimensions up to 12 m wide and 6 m tall. In addition, corners can be shaped at any angle. There are no limits to your creativity.

The revolutionary vertical opening method can be combined with conventional hinged or sliding doors that are integrated into the drop front. The possibilities are endless.

Technical data


Max. Height
6 m
Max. Width
12 m
Max. Surface Area
40 m2
Max. Weight
3,5 t
Max. Glass Thickness
70 mm
Installation Depth Mounting Frame
313 mm
Installation Depth Sash
219 mm
Opening Direction


Air permeability in accordance with EN1026/EN12207
Class 4
Resistance to wind loads in accordance with EN122117EN12210
Class C4
Rain impermeability in accordance with EN1027/EN12208
Class E1500
Pneumatic gasket
Yes (standard)

Security Options

Burglary protection glass according to DIN EN 356
Burglary protection resistance classes according to DIN EN 1627
RC 3
Bullet proof glass according to EN 1063


HIRT kinetics SF XL

With the touch of a button, HIRT kinetics SF XL silently decscends and opens the room in an unrivaled manner. It is the ideal solution for areas where the interior and exterior can be combined: living area, pool house, garage, or hospitality settings.


HIRT kinetics SF XL has no size limitations. The SF XL is guided via runner rails and can be placed as an individual system in the wall soffit, or several SF XLs can be installed in series. Designs without posts are possible if several SF XLs are placed in a series.


The size of HIRT kinetics SF XL is virtually without limitations, up to vast dimensions. What is all the more impressive is that standard components can be used up to a size of 40 m2 (HIRT kinetics Spezial comes into play if this dimension is exceeded). HIRT kinetics SF XL offers a vast range of options for removing boundaries between spaces. By changing the direction of the descender front, even angled shapes are possible, thus allowing for the implementation of nearly any three-dimensional design.


The exterior front is implemented as an attractive, homogeneous glass surface. The glass joints do not have a profile on the exterior, which gives the surface a cubic appearance.