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Experience a spectacular summer retreat in the Hamptons

The Hamptons are the essence of a summer retreat at the gates of New York. Living the Hamptons lifestyle means spending as much time as possible outside in order to enjoy the clean air, warm sun, and fresh ocean breeze. Anyone who owns an estate here on Long Island wants to show it off appropriately. A total of five windows from the HIRT kinetics® SF 90 series, each measuring five meters in length and three meters in height, allow this lounge to open up on three sides to let the vastness of the Hamptons work its special magic.

Make every day feel like a summer holiday in the Hamptons

Sophisticated, chic, and bright – these are the traits that characterise the maritime Hamptons style. In contrast to the often funky and extravagant style of New York, however, that of the Hamptons is open, dignified, and close to nature.

The region is characterised by a breathtaking coastal landscape with endless sandy beaches where a breeze of salty air gets in your nose whenever you take a stroll. It almost doesn’t matter whether the sun is shining, or the wild Atlantic Ocean is whipping up the spray – the magical atmosphere of the Hamptons invites you to go outside in any weather.

A total of five HIRT kinetics® retractable fronts can be moved up and down independently of each other and thus open up the interior.

The pool lounge works as an extended veranda year-round. In pleasant summer weather, the retractable fronts are lowered. During autumn and winter, they mostly stay closed.

The resorts on Long Island are considered a mecca for the superrich. Here, you will find luxurious beach houses in stylish white or noble grey, panelled with rustic wooden shingles. Elegance defines the architecture – not least thanks to that typical East Coast understatement. Through large windows, your gaze wanders off into the distance while you enjoy a sundowner on the covered veranda.

The Hamptons provide the perfect holiday feeling: a summer retreat where you can slow down and experience nature. In this picture-perfect region, the noise and stresses of Big Apple are a world away.

The architects have perfected the incorporation of air, light, and open space. The window fronts and the pergola-like awning take up these elements and play with them.

An exclusive beach house and lounge at the pool

In designing this special property, the renowned New York architects of studioMDA were faced with the tricky task of building not simply a poolhouse to go with the spacious pool area – but rather a lounge for the beach house which had to fit in with the ensemble already built while also setting itself apart. The building had to be modern and straightforward in order to create an appropriate space for the artworks displayed within. And naturally, the classic Hamptons chic had to be incorporated, too. The result is a sunlight-flooded vision in white. The almost square body of the pool lounge captivates visitors with its simple yet sublime design language.

It is the white awning, reminiscent of a pergola, which immediately catches the eye. It provides shielding from the sun while at the same time playfully incorporating its rays. Shielding and incorporating – just like the custom-made windows which play a vital role in the Hamptons style: They mirror the expanse and freedom of the premises and surrounding landscape, allowing the eyes to wander, while at the same time offering protection from all wind and weather. But these window fronts hide another, very special secret: They aren’t ordinary windows, but rather, HIRT kinetics® retractable fronts: At the press of a button, they glide silently into the ground and thus open up the lounge on three sides, quite literally inviting nature inside. In this way, when the sun is out and a gentle breeze is blowing, the pool is only a stone’s throw away, beckoning you to take a dip in the waters. On the other hand, when the retractable windows are raised, they shut out all inclement weather: If it’s too uncomfortable to go for a walk by the beach, the owners and their guests stay warm and dry indoors. After all, watching as the rain patters against the windows and the storm clouds chase across the Hamptons has a special charm all of its own. This way, the lounge turns into an extended veranda, where you can lodge year-round and leave all your worries behind.

The retractable fronts can move independently or in perfect sync.

Retractable fronts by HIRT moving architecture® revolutionise the way we build

HIRT moving architecture® creates a real “wow” effect. After all, the custom-built retractable fronts don’t reveal their true cleverness right away. It is only when they lower silently into the ground at the simple press of a button that their secrets come to light. Witnessing this effect for the first time will leave you mesmerized: The windows move so fluently as to appear almost weightless. The secret lies in perfectly balanced counterweights, set in motion by a silent motor that runs as precisely and reliably as a Swiss watch. Fitting, given that HIRT technology is quality made in Switzerland. This perfection is made possible only because the designers at HIRT have thought of absolutely everything – ensuring, for instance, that the retractable fronts vanish seamlessly into the ground so that no step or threshold mars the smooth transition between inside and outside.

HIRT moving architecture® is rethinking architecture and making it dynamic. That is why the team at HIRT doesn’t stop at a single window – it lets entire walls vanish into thin air. The HIRT technology sets great things in motion, creating nearly endless ways to surprise and opening up new dimensions in order to redefine the meaning of “living space”. Builders and architects have to make no compromises as retractable windows by HIRT kinetics® comply with all standards of modern, sustainable, and safe architecture. The retractable fronts have proven themselves in extreme climatic conditions, are weather-resistant, and withstand salty air as well as tropical humidity, icy conditions, or snowstorms. They provide first-rate thermal as well as sound insulation, keep out wind and heavy rain, and comply with the most stringent safety requirements.

No matter where or when: Bring a piece of that magical Hamptons feeling into your home with HIRT moving architecture®!

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