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Perfect balance in the chalet: rustic naturalness and state-of-the-art comfort

The chalet house type is as typical of Switzerland as chocolate, neutrality or the universal Swiss army knife. Where sustainable living, luxury and clear design come together, something great is created. In a chalet in Verbier, you don’t want to miss an inch of the spectacular Alpine panorama – whether in winter or summer. And that’s exactly why the HIRT kinetics® drop fronts are completely in their element here. They impressively demonstrate how HIRT moving architecture® changes rooms at the touch of a button when inside and outside merge.

Chalets: character buildings with history and a future

The chalet was once the typical form of construction for rural houses in the Alpine region. It was built from local materials – wood and stone. The word itself comes from the French and can be translated as “mountain hut”. However, it is borrowed from the Latin “cala”. In ancient times, it meant a “sheltered place”, i.e. a shelter for shepherds.

To this day, the flat pitched roof with a wide overhang is typical of chalets. In the meantime, however, the function of the buildings has changed. Simple farmer’s huts have been transformed into top-quality living space – for example, vacation apartments and weekend homes. In order to avoid “building sins” and preserve the special flair of the village centers, many regions in Switzerland stipulate that new buildings may only be built in the chalet style and that the original, rustic character must be preserved.

Natural stone and spruce, Swiss stone pine, pine or oak are therefore used as always. The wood provides the special coziness and warmth that chalets radiate. Large glass fronts also let in plenty of light and create a modern living ambience. All in all, these apparent opposites create an exciting architectural ensemble in which chic and luxury also find their place.

The drop front blends seamlessly into the authentic, modern ambience. With the mullion-free corner solution, the architects enabled an unobstructed view of the impressive panorama of Verbier.

When the HIRT kinetics® lowering front descends, the pool and sun terrace merge into a very special wellness area: spa meets nature – enjoy with all your senses!

Unlimited freedom thanks to the ingenious HIRT kinetics® drop fronts

The Swiss resort of Verbier advertises itself with the slogans “Life without barriers” and “The difference is in the details”. And this is exactly what the architects from Comina Architecture were guided by when they planned this impressive chalet in Verbier. On the one hand, it should capture a lot of light through large panoramic windows and, on the other, radiate a special sense of comfort. The quintessence of these considerations and premises is manifested in the wellness area with its pool. The relaxation zone is a symphony of glass, wood and natural stone.

The highlight is revealed on closer inspection. At the touch of a button, the huge, frameless panoramic windows can simply disappear – that’s the idea behind the HIRT kinetics® drop-down fronts. When they lower, the previously clearly defined rooms open up into a single comfort zone. The terrace invites you to relax and sunbathe and the pool invites you to do a little workout in the water. The transitions are seamless, as there are no barriers to obstruct the view. The drop fronts disappear into the floor without a threshold. Unlimited space is therefore not just a promise, but a reality. Once you have experienced this magic up close, you will never want to do without it again. Because people need nature to ground themselves so that body and soul can find their balance again – more than ever in our fast-moving times. That’s why HIRT moving architecture® wants to make it possible to experience nature with all the senses. When the weather is fine, you invite nature into your home by lowering the window fronts. In bad weather, the lowered fronts remain closed and the elements stay outside.

Full flexibility: you decide spontaneously. Invite nature in or leave the weather outside. Just press a button and the drop fronts move elegantly.

Spectacular change in dimensions: The indoor pool becomes an outdoor pool. No barriers interfere with the transition thanks to threshold-free lowering and perfect finishes.

HIRT moving architecture®: Nature is our greatest treasure

Living in the midst of nature and experiencing the seasons is the true luxury of our time. With its magnificent mountain panorama, Verbier offers a silhouette that invites you to dream anew every day.

HIRT moving architecture® wants these wonders of creation to be preserved. This is why sustainability is particularly important to the HIRT engineers. The HIRT kinetics® drop-down fronts stand on a finely balanced supporting structure, which is driven by a quiet motor in the technical room. Sophisticated pneumatic seals ensure that nobody has to worry about draughts. The drop fronts meet the highest standards in terms of thermal insulation, tightness and safety.

Two custom-made HIRT kinetics® SF 90 are used in the chalet in Verbier. One of the two drop fronts was designed as a corner. With a length of up to six meters, the HIRT kinetics® SF 90 series can cover a window area of up to 18 square meters. Even larger projects pose no problem, in which case the HIRT kinetics® SF XL series (up to 40 square meters) takes over. But this is by no means the limit, because HIRT moving architecture® is almost limitless. Impressive sizes and fronts can be realized with the HIRT kinetics® special range, because it is specially made for really big things.

The possibilities of HIRT moving architecture® are varied and individual. Customers all over the world are enthusiastic about the concept behind the vertical opening method and experience anew every day the extraordinary charm that moving architecture creates when inside and outside become one.

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