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An impression of the assembly of HIRT kinetics at their destination.

The installation of HIRT kinetics is carried out on site by specialists from HIRT moving architecture or our trusted partners. Every detail is carried out to perfection.

Where luxurious relaxation nestles fluidly into the landscape.

 An innovative way of building for a special kind of relaxation

The ATMOSPHERE is a truly extraordinary project. An international architectural competition was held especially for the purpose of finding the perfect design, and the winning entry by world-renowned architect Hadi Teherani, who grew up in Hamburg, convinced everybody.

Where the inside becomes outside.

Uncompromising ease

With HIRT kinetics®, indoor rooms turn into outdoor ones – at the press of a button and with uncompromising ease.

Where modern technology opens up new dimensions.

A space-saving system for the garage that may catch on

Planning and furnishing rooms in such a way as to make optimal use of the available space is an integral part of architecture and interior design.

Where gastronomy is part of city life.

The heart of urban lifestyle.

In the NZZ Café in Zurich, the floor-to-ceiling windows are raised and allow the guests sitting inside to participate in the vibrant city life.

Making the wide open tangible.

Experience summer in the Hamptons in a spectacular fashion.

Experiencing the Hamptons, New York’s summer retreat, means spending as much time outside as possible to feel the air, the sun and the fresh ocean breeze. If you own such a property in the Hamptons, you will want to showcase it adequately.

Where the elements merge.

Natural balance: Sky, earth and water in harmony.

Experience the interplay of the elements: On a sunny day, the indoor pool is quickly converted into an outdoor pool with an impressive view. Enjoy the grandeur of nature with all your senses.

Letting nature set the tone.

A new sense of naturalness in the urban space.

Extreme freedom through silent disappearance – it may sound a bit like magic, but it’s innovation driven by sophisticated know-how from HIRT moving architecture®. With HIRT kinetics®, you will experience a new sense of openness and limitless space!

Where guests feel like royalty.

A slice of French savoir-vivre in the middle of town.

Effective gastronomy marketing should appeal to the sense of smell as much as to the palate. HIRT moving architecture® removes the boundaries between indoor and outdoor gastronomy and entices guests to linger. The inviting ambiance is impossible to miss.

Where the pool and lake share the same horizon.

When you take a swim in the pool of this mansion in Kilchberg, it feels as if you were in the lake itself.

The architects Arndt, Geiger, Herrmann have an eye for the extraordinary. The view is not the only captivating aspect at this property, but the technology is also an eye-catcher. The HIRT kinetics® SF XL transforms the stunning view into a spectacular, moving architecture.

Wellness redefined.

The firm Kraus Architekten takes interior spa design to a whole new level with HIRT kinetics®.

When you step out of the steaming water and the crisp air gives your circulation a jolt, you feel refreshed and energized. The experience reaches perfection when you add the breathtaking view of the enchanted garden.

Gateway to the atrium.

In this house, the HIRT kinetics® SF XL open on both sides, granting access to an atrium on one side and the garden on the other.

The Grego architectural firm has succeeded in creating a splendidly airy space that delights its inhabitants all year round. The descending walls, which open on both sides, conjure an airy, Mediterranean veranda feeling during the summer.

Where the living room extends to the jetty.

A house presents itself from its sunny side.

Clever architectural design by Diethelm & Spillmann turned this house into a bijou with lake access. Smart technology by HIRT moving architecture brings the lake into the home – while keeping its owners perfectly dry.

Where the garden becomes part of the house – and vice versa.

A garden with a lakeside view is beautiful – and a descending window front turns it into a perfect place.

For many of us, the outdoors is a place for relaxation and well-being. Imagine a place where the view sweeps over the glittering lake and the grass rustles in the wind. The fully retractable HIRT kinetics® SF 90 invites this outdoor experience into the interior with sleek elegance.

Watch corners disappear into thin air.

Seehuus Egnach impresses with HIRT kinetics® that make entire corners sink into the ground.

The exclusive location on the banks of Lake Constance, with its green-blue water and a breathtaking view towards Germany, makes the Seehuus one of the most sought-after places in the region. The timeless architecture and the descending walls by HIRT kinetics® provide the perfect backdrop for spending quality time by the lake.

Where architecture reaches out to the lake.

Descending glass fronts allow a restaurant to maximize the impact of the lakeside scenery.

The HIRT kinetics® SF XL transforms an indoor area into outdoor space. Onlookers will certainly be dazzled and amazed as they watch the massive walls glide silently into the ground. A spectacle made possible by Swiss engineering.

Rethinking conventional architecture.

Attracting attention.

Even a garage door can become a breathtaking eye-catcher – with HIRT kinetics®. The solid stone wall sinks into the ground with silent grace, drawing many stares as it clears the way.

Perfect fusion of safety and elegance.

HIRT kinetics® offers countless possibilities for use. In Melbourne, it serves as an invisible border that can be put in place at the push of a button whenever the need arises.

HIRT kinetics® offers countless possibilities for use. It serves as an invisible border that can be put in place at the push of a button whenever the need arises. This results in a safe environment that allows for carefree enjoyment without compromising style and functionality.