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And behind the garden, Lake Zurich…

For many, the green outdoors is the epitome of well-being. When the window front is lowered, the glittering lake is within reach and the grass gently rustles in the wind. Thanks to the seamless elegance of the HIRT kinetics® SF 90, this magic can be experienced right inside your own home.

More than an eye-catcher: Why green is so good for people

Did you know that the human eye is capable of perceiving even slightest nuances within the 540 to 600 nanometre spectrum of light – and thus of distinguishing millions of different colour hues? The wave spectrum mentioned is that of green shades.

Accordingly, one green is not like the other.

In the English language alone, there are hundreds of terms for different shades of green – from lime green, May green, and mint green to emerald green and fir green. In an enchanted garden, countless shades of green can be discovered over the course of a year – in the leaves, grass, stems, and flowers.

Since time immemorial, humans have associated the colour green with positive things. It has even been scientifically shown to have a direct impact on well-being. If people can no longer see anything green around themselves, for example because they’re surrounded by a grey concrete jungle and reflective glass palaces, then they are in fact missing something essential. Many people thus dream of a home with a garden to call their own – a place where they can arrive, put down roots, and create their own paradise.

This villa above Lake Zurich represents such that. With the terrace design and panoramic windows, the team of architects has succeeded in bringing the garden and house into harmony. Even better: The use of innovative technology by HIRT simply eliminates the boundary between the inside and outside, between living room and garden.

Who needs to go on holiday when they can have such a beautiful view of Lake Zurich at home?

Veranda or living room? Why not both? HIRT kinetics® retractable fronts make it possible. They let the inside and outside meld together.

In less perfect weather, the retractable fronts are raised, thus shutting out the wind and rain. The inside remains cosy thanks to sophisticated, pneumatic sealing. Draughts don’t stand a chance.

A dream garden with a dream house

A green paradise was created in Herrliberg high above Lake Zurich. Here, the spacious garden planned by ENEA calls the tune with its mighty trees and individual freestanding sunrooms. The residence blends in organically and captures the magic of the garden. For the large window fronts which open onto the garden are no ordinary panorama windows – but rather, HIRT kinetics® retractable fronts from the SF 90 series. In pleasant weather, they can lower at the press of a button, so that the inside and outside merge in a unique way, forming a continuum. The garden becomes part of the living room, and the living room extends out into the garden. For lovers of greenery, this is a dream come true.

HIRT moving architecture® has set out to bring nature back into modern everyday life and to let you experience it with all your senses. Because it is precisely these experiences that people need to keep body and mind in balance: They need to notice the smell of approaching rain. They need to feel a gentle breeze tickling across their skin and to listen to the incessant rustling of leaves in the wind. Then, they can recharge their batteries and are ready for new tasks and challenges.

Thanks to the sophisticated technology of HIRT moving architecture®, a hitherto unknown openness and spaciousness enters the home, based on the idea of infinity.

This is how HIRT moving architecture® brings green back into everyday life

The engineers at HIRT question the fundamentals. Why does architecture have to be static? Can’t it become dynamic like nature itself? The answer they found is: Yes, it can! Gates, windows, and even entire walls can move and disappear completely! It might sound like magic – but it is precise craftsmanship “made in Switzerland” paired with a little bit of physics. HIRT kinetics® retractable fronts stand on a finely balanced supporting structure moved by a quiet motor. This way, windows and walls can be raised and lowered easily. Architects can use this “trick” to add new dimensions to rooms and to thus ensure much more openness, lightness, and freedom. This is how air, sounds, and nature return to domestic life.

Thanks to the retractable fronts’ sophisticated pneumatic seals, you needn’t worry about thermal insulation and energy efficiency. Because HIRT kinetics® meet the highest standards – naturally including trap protection, storm safety, and impermeability to driving rain. Builders can determine many other properties themselves. For example, triple window glazing, or the use of bulletproof glass are no problem.

Make an appointment today and let the HIRT planners advise you. They will be happy to show you possible solutions for your project. Around the world, HIRT moving architecture® inspires builders and architects alike.

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