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Swimming between lake, mountains, and sky – a unique pool

Architects Arndt, Geiger, and Herrmann have an eye for the exceptional. Thus, it is not only the view which captivates at this villa in Kilchberg – but also the technology. HIRT kinetics® SF 90 transforms a stunning panorama into spectacular, moving architecture.

Infinity pool feeling: So close to the sky and to Lake Zurich

The view from this pool in Kilchberg in the Swiss canton of Zurich is sublime: Sitting majestically above the western shore of Lake Zurich, the monobloc swimming pool rivals any infinity pool. A feeling of open space and freedom turns the spa area into a truly special place where air and water unite to create a unique symphony for the senses. Diving into the water, you feel like you are swimming in Lake Zurich itself. And to enjoy this phenomenal experience, you need not even leave the penthouse – all thanks to retractable facades by HIRT kinetics®.

Swimming high above Lake Zurich – a unique experience.

Visionary and impressive technology

This almost sensuous experience of the surroundings is made possible via retractable window fronts which are part of the HIRT kinetics® SF 90 series, used by the architects of Arndt Geiger Herrmann AG in the making of this captivating villa. These windows not only allow for a spectacular panoramic view, but also underline the modern clarity of the building.

HIRT moving architecture® reveals its clever functionality only at second glance, however, as the retractable window fronts not only create an interior space flooded with light, but also a wonderful and versatile home – with a special twist: At the simple press of a button, the HIRT technology will soundlessly set itself in motion. The windows smoothly glide down and vanish into the floor as if by magic: The room changes its dimensions – and the indoor pool transforms into an outdoor one.

Living with nature

This transformation allows residents and visitors to experience nature live: They feel the wind in their hair while taking a swim; hear the rustling of the trees and the tolling of the church bells of St. Elisabeth; listen to birdsong in the morning; or feel the warm sunlight on their skin … Here, too, a lush summer evening comes to a perfect end. From far away, the lights of Zurich shine across the lake. An invigorating bath, a cool drink, and a nice conversation let you decelerate and enjoy a holiday feeling.

With HIRT moving architecture®, there is no need for compromises: You decide, according to your mood and the weather, if you want to let nature into your home or leave it outside.

As the pool at Kilchberg demonstrates, the window fronts can simply stay closed in cool or windy weather. Thus, the comfortable atmosphere is safe, while the large and nearly frameless window surfaces in no way impact the special panoramic view. Even when it’s storming and snowing outside, you will be cosy indoors, since the retractable HIRT kinetics® window fronts have excellent thermal insulation thanks to multiple layer glazing and sealing systems which prevent drafts and guarantee that the warm air stays inside. Additionally, the excellent thermal insulation of HIRT kinetics® retractable fronts provides high energy savings potential – another aspect of the sustainability which is part of the HIRT concept of “living with nature”.

The retractable, floor-to-ceiling window fronts disappear seamlessly into the floor at the press of a button.

Pure luxury: Even in darkness, the lowered HIRT kinetics® SF 90 add to the infinity pool feeling as no reflections mar the impression.

Clarity, transparency, and elegance, paired with clever technology – that is the concept underlying HIRT moving architecture®.

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