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A house presents itself from its best side

The imaginative architecture by Diethelm & Spillmann makes this house a jewel with a lake front. And the clever technology by HIRT moving architecture® turns the lake front into an experience. Thanks to HIRT kinetics® SF XL, you almost feel like you’re on the jetty as soon as the large windows and the door are silently lowered.

A treasure on Lake Zurich

A property with a lake view is a jackpot for builders and architects alike. For some it is the realisation of a dream, for others a technical and artistic challenge – especially when the spatial conditions set limits. But after all, this is what ingenious architecture and clever solutions are for.

That is exactly the challenge presented by this modern villa in Bäch on Lake Zurich in the Swiss canton of Schwyz. The architectural office Diethelm & Spillmann solved it skilfully. The result is a modern single-family home with a special twist and direct access to the lake – a real treasure.

The four floors each form a pair of functional units. The ground floor houses not only the living room, but also the kitchen and dining area. They open up to the small garden, the lake, and the jetty with a boathouse. With its picturesque roof terrace, the latter catches both the first and last rays of the sun. The flooring made of travertine from Gauingen continues on the outside terrace, leading residents and guests directly onto the jetty. This way, the living area extends all the way to the lakeshore – an oasis you love to linger in.

In fine weather, the retractable front lowers, creating a charming effect. The lake becomes part of the living area.

The same Gauingen travertine that is used in the dining room and on the terrace also forms the edge of the retractable front. However, any other material is also possible – for example, stainless steel or wood.

Modern life on and with Lake Zurich. Dining room, kitchen, and terrace form a single whole as an extended living room.

Unusual ideas are perfectly implemented with HIRT moving architecture®

Normally, a wall or a window front separates the inside from the outside. The solution found by Diethelm & Spillmann simply does away with this boundary altogether – at least when the weather is nice. If this sounds bold and a lot like magic, rest assured: The complete opposite is true! The two architects rely on the sophisticated and precise technology by HIRT moving architecture® and thus change the rules of the game. What used to be static is now dynamic. The large, floor-to-ceiling window front is realised as a HIRT kinetics® retractable front. In fine weather, it disappears into the ground at the press of a button, lowered by an almost silent motor in the utility room. The clear view of the jetty turns into an open path. No barrier mars the transition as kitchen, dining room, terrace, and jetty merge into a single whole. The lake and nature with all its nuances thus become part of the everyday and shape family life.

Anyone who has not experienced this magic for themselves can only imagine how greatly it enhances one’s quality of life. The lapping of waves, the rustling of trees in the wind, the chirping of birds … Humans need nature in order to ground themselves and recharge their batteries. Sadly, naturalness is increasingly lost in modern life, which is shaped rather by a hectic pace and far too many to-dos. This makes a slower pace, which provides a chance for rest and relaxation, all the more valuable. The aim of HIRT moving architecture® is to allow you to experience nature with all your senses.

If desired, HIRT kinetics® retractable fronts can also include doors. Here, access to the terrace and the jetty is guaranteed at any time, even when the front is closed.

Elegant & uncompromising: HIRT kinetics® retractable fronts are craftsmanship “made in Switzerland”

The dynamic architectural solutions by HIRT are known around the world for being elegant and uncompromising. Once the window front is completely lowered, there are no barriers. The HIRT designers perfectly devised the transition: Here, too, the Gauingen travertine forms the border and fits seamlessly between the dining room and terrace. In the end, it is these details which create a perfect picture. A door is also integrated into the retractable front. Here, all manner of variants are possible – from classic to ultra-modern. At this villa, the builders chose to continue the brass colour of the narrow window profiles, thus ensuring a noble touch.

In less fine weather, this modern and simple door guarantees access to the lake without having to lower the front. This way, the inside stays pleasantly warm as you watch the clouds drift by or the waves whip across Lake Zurich from the dining area. There is no need to worry about draughts or heat loss as HIRT kinetics® retractable fronts meet the highest standards of thermal insulation and energy efficiency thanks to sophisticated pneumatic seals. Of course, resistance to wind loads and driving rain as well as trap protection are also ensured. Beyond this, builders can choose additional features such as triple glazing, bullet resistance, or nano-sealing.

Let the possibilities of HIRT moving architecture® surprise you! With this technology “made in Switzerland”, windows sink into the ground as if by magic, gates become invisible and even solid walls can disappear at the touch of a button.

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