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HIRT kinetics® transform buildings

And yet it moves.

We set architecture in motion. HIRT kinetics® are movable building elements that make façades and walls disappear.

HIRT kinetics® transform buildings and open up new dimensions in the design of building envelopes, walls and windows. Because HIRT kinetics® turn these elements into dynamic objects, they completely transform spaces by merging interior and exterior landscapes or making things visible that were previously hidden. Swiss engineering excellence, ultimate precision and taylored solutions let pioneering architects and discerning clients redefine how we experience the space that surrounds us.

HIRT kinetics® ensures optimal use of space. The clever combination of lifting windows & car lift turns this garage into a car showroom.

Imagine a lobby becoming part of the cityscape. HIRT and the Century Plaza Los Angeles

When it’s nice and warm outside, the gigantic, 7-meter / 23 ft high HIRT kinetics® transform the lobby of the Century Plaza in Los Angeles into a part of downtown LA, with its Californian sun, breeze, and way of life.

Walls shape buildings and create boundaries, yet their function is determined by the spaces between them.

Stefan Hirt

Where the
elements merge.

Experience the interplay of the elements: On a sunny day, the indoor pool is quickly converted into an outdoor pool with an impressive view. Enjoy the grandeur of nature with all your senses.

Letting nature set the tone.

Extreme freedom through silent disappearance – it may sound a bit like magic, but it’s innovation driven by sophisticated know-how from HIRT moving architecture®. With HIRT kinetics®, you will experience a new sense of openness and limitless space!

The façade disappears
into the ground

Merging the inside
and the outside

Sophisticated and
proven technology

Movement and Emotion.

Where the garden becomes part of the house – and vice versa.

A garden with a lakeside view is beautiful – and a descending window wall turns it into a perfect place.

Watch corners disappear into thin air.

Seehuus Egnach impresses with HIRT kinetics® that makes entire corners sink into the ground.

Where architecture reaches out to the lake.

Descending glass walls allow a restaurant to maximize the impact of the lakeside scenery.

Rethinking conventional architecture.

Attracting attention.

What moves us.

Moderne Chalet-Architektur - Leben ohne Schranken - Verbier

A modern and authentic Swiss chalet of pure excellence

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The combination of tradition and state-of-the-art technology, of nature and comfort, has been particularly successful in this property in the canton of Valais.

ATMOSPHERE with HIRT kinetics in Austria

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ATMOSPHERE is a pinnacle of architectural excellence. Designed by renowned architect Hadi Teherani, it emphasises relaxation and harmony.

Vertical Opening: Advantages for Restaurateurs

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In the world of gastronomy, the flexibility of the room layout plays a crucial role, especially when it comes to increasing revenue and providing guests with a pleasant experience.

HIRT moving architecture at the BAU fair in Munich

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Last week a team of HIRT moving architecture from Switzerland, Germany and Austria was present with a stand at BAU Munich.
Hamptons, New York, HIRT kinetics® SF 90

HIRT kinetics® windows are an ingenious invention » HIRT moving architecture®

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Silently disappearing window fronts are by far the best invention ever since windows have been around. Learn more about the technology, thermal insulation and its many advantages at HIRT moving…
Letting nature set the tone

Bringing nature into your home » HIRT moving architecture®

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The innovative technology of HIRT kinetics® offers new and surprising options to builders, architects and landscape gardeners. Experience a completely new dimension of natural well-being!

Our Commitment to Quality

HIRT kinetics® are produced in Switzerland to the highest quality standards. No matter where in the world they are installed, the mechanics are always Swiss precision work. All HIRT kinetics® are made to specification in Switzerland and assembled on site. Our partners across the globe are as committed to quality as we are. Thanks to intensive training and continuous education, we can vouch for all of them. The official partners of HIRT moving architecture are specialists who account for local conditions and apply local building codes.


Stefan Hirt, CEO

Moving architecture.

HIRT kinetics® turn buildings into moving architecture. The movement of components that are expected to be static is surprising and thrilling. The broadening of architecture by the dimension of movement gives every building something special and is at the same time highly functional.

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