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Foresight and know-how in perfect harmony

The invention of the window introduced a practical and weatherproof architectural component that provides light, ventilation and a view. It was an ingenious engineering innovation that has proven its worth across the ages. HIRT moving architecture® built its business on the vision of further improving and optimizing this invention using precision technology. The result are HIRT kinetics® windows – window fronts that retract silently as if by magic. They open up spaces and create room for a new sense of freedom. They remove boundaries by taking interior spaces outside, allowing nature and architecture to become one. The result is a completely new form of aesthetics and interaction, which gives rise to a pure quality of life.

A window is more than a hole in the wall

Let’s recall what makes the window such an important invention by taking a brief journey through time. Early humans sought shelter from harsh weather conditions in caves. It was not until about 12,000 years ago that the idea of building permanent houses emerged. A hole in the wall provided a remedy for the lack of light, but it also opened up new problems: Due to the opening, the heat of the fireplace escaped to the outside, while wind and cold penetrated inside. A shutter-like cover made of animal skins or wood marks an early attempt to remedy this problem. Such rather improvised solutions were used for millennia. It was not until the 12th century that it became possible to produce glass panels with smooth surfaces on both sides. But glass at that time represented cutting-edge technology that only the clergy and nobility could afford.

Until the late Middle Ages, the windows of peasants and commoners were made of parchment or linen cloth and equipped with shutters against the cold. In the 20th century, engineers finally succeeded in the large-scale industrial production of glass, making the material affordable for everyone. Soon thereafter, buildings emerged that were made almost entirely of steel and glass.

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A marvel of Swiss artisanship

For a long time, windows were a deliberate barrier. They brought light into the house, but kept everything else outside – heat or cold, scents and sounds. However, in doing so, they also compartmentalized life. Consequently, it is only natural to ask the question: What if…?

What if the residents of a house could shape their own lives as they pleased and the windows were no longer a barrier, but rather an integrating element? On a sunny day in spring, when a gentle breeze is blowing, why not invite spring into your home? And if it’s storming and snowing heavily, hunker down and cozy up in front of the fireplace.

The answer to this question may sound simple, but it is revolutionary: It describes something radically new – familiar yet spectacular.

HIRT moving architecture® pursues just this goal: to enable the synthesis of “turning the interior into the exterior” and “bringing the outside into the interior space” virtually at the push of a button. Retractable building elements give rise to completely new spatial concepts that create a unique aesthetic. Moreover, they bring unprecedented flexibility to building and help achieve the perfect sense of freedom. HIRT’s precision technology is capable of making entire walls disappear silently and effortlessly. And with the power to simply “conjure away” walls, you can turn your windows into something magical.

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HIRT kinetics® windows offer endless possibilities

When it comes to HIRT kinetics® windows, the sky is the limit – literally. We offer an extremely flexible range of options, and our clients are completely free to choose the size that fits their dreams. The final weight is not a limiting factor, because HIRT kinetics® windows are not mounted like traditional windows. Instead, they rest on a supporting structure that can effortlessly hold and move tons of weight. This gives walls and window fronts a weightless quality. All it takes is an efficient, ultra-quiet motor and a mechanical room that houses the counterweights. The potential applications are practically without limit:

If you want a conference room to let in new thoughts and leave worn paths behind, simply retract the HIRT kinetics® window fronts. Let clean air enter the room for fresh inspiration. This will surely give rise to grand ideas.

If you want an indoor pool in winter and an outdoor pool in summer, you no longer have to settle for one of the two. Simply build a pool house with HIRT kinetics® to gain maximum flexibility. Lower them on warm days to create an outdoor pool and raise them whenever you wish to be fully protected from the elements.

If you would like to bring the lifestyle of the city into your café or hotel while at the same time sending out an olfactory invitation to passers-by, then simply roll down the HIRT kinetics® windows and have the delectable aroma of coffee waft through the neighborhood. This creates a unique symbiosis and interaction with guests, day tourists and city dwellers. It doesn’t get any more inviting than this!

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No compromises when it comes to technology

HIRT kinetics® technology meets the highest standards in terms of safety, water and air tightness and thermal insulation. When it comes to design, production and installation, we are prepared to meet your every need.

You specify the dimensions. For example, the small model HIRT kinetics® SF 90 can accommodate a width of up to 6 meters and a height of up to 6 meters. The maximum window area can measure up to 18 square meters. HIRT kinetics® SF XL, on the other end of the spectrum, virtually has no limit when it comes to size. Up to an area of 40 square meters, standard components are used. If you need more, this is where the HIRT kinetics® SF Custom range comes into play. The largest HIRT window project realized to date extended over a length of 20 meters and weighed in at 7,500 kilograms. That’s an impressive size. But even larger and heavier projects are possible. HIRT kinetics® is essentially limitless!

Once the dimensions have been established, the details need to be clarified, such as: What other characteristics should the window have? Triple glazing is the current standard. Safety glass, even with bullet resistance, is another option. In addition, the window glass can be provided with solar control coating. With HIRT kinetics® SF 90, glass with a thickness of up to 63 millimeters can be used, and with HIRT kinetics® SF XL this limit is extended to 70 millimeters.

Everything we do at HIRT moving architecture® is subject to the highest safety standards. We built according to the demanding CE standard. The Swiss technical supervisory association SUVA has confirmed compliance with the prescribed CE standard with a type examination. And conformity with the machinery directive guarantees safe operation of the technical components.

HIRT kinetics® windows can perform various tasks. They can act as a simple window front or be combined with an entrance and exit. In principle, even the installation of a swing door or sliding door is not a problem. In this case, an additional electronic monitoring system is installed to ensure that the door is shut before the entire front is set into motion.

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Perfect thermal insulation properties

Thanks to HIRT’s expertise in window construction, the product leaves nothing to be desired in terms of thermal insulation. From the outset, we designed the aluminum profiles to be thermally separated. In addition, a sophisticated system of seals ensures that HIRT kinetics® windows prevent drafts: There is not the slightest movement of air.

The retractable window fronts are 100 percent tight thanks to the use of four sealing levels, which make them watertight from the outside and airtight from the inside. The core component of this design is an innovative pneumatic seal that normal windows do not have. With HIRT kinetics®, a sealing bead that is actively inflated presses against the window profile and acts as a reliable vapor barrier. As a result, warm air cannot leak to the outside.

Measurements have confirmed the effectiveness of this invention. The thermal transmittance (U) of a HIRT kinetics® retractable front can be as low as 0.75 W/m2K. In general, the lower the U-value, the lower the thermal transmittance. In practical terms this means that in winter, heat loss through the HIRT kinetics® windows is close to zero. And in summer, the interior stays cooler because the high-tech HIRT kinetics® windows prevent excessive heating.

The sophisticated sealing system meets thermal insulation standards that normal windows with a U-value of 1.0 to 1.3 can never achieve. HIRT kinetics® windows meet the very highest insulation standards with a permeability class of 4, allowing homeowners to save enormous amounts of energy – and therefore money – on heating and cooling. As with technology, we make no compromises when it comes to sustainability and climate protection.

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No matter the weather, you can always rely on HIRT technology

The pneumatic seals are controlled in the mechanical room. A control pulse causes the seals to inflate. In addition, brush seals remove coarse dirt and provide a harmonious transition between the frame and sash. For maximum comfort, we also recommend installing a warm air duct to compensate for the lack of heat reflection of the glass.

You hardly notice all the technology packed into the HIRT kinetics® window fronts. The complete control technology and the necessary counterweights are stowed away in the mechanical room, which also acts as a “parking space” for the recessed structural elements and houses the noiseless motor, drive shaft and pneumatic components.

These components work together in perfect unison like a Swiss clockwork and can be precisely controlled from the living room at the touch of a button. By the way, homeowners need not fear power outages: There is an emergency closing system that can be operated manually with little effort. HIRT technology has minimum maintenance requirements and low wear because we rely on extremely high-quality components such as closed ball bearings and a special coating to prevent corrosion. Even sand and salt air stand little chance of causing damage. The guidelines provide for periodic maintenance once every two years. Frequently used elements should be serviced annually. For added convenience, remote maintenance via an Internet connection is also possible at any time.

As regards your individual project, you will likely have many questions regarding statics, installation schedule, drainage, accessibility or safety. Please get in touch with us. We will be happy to discuss all the details in a face-to-face meeting and answer specific questions about your planned project. If you decide for HIRT moving architecture®, you will be opting for a new approach to building. Benefit from a uniquely new sense of lightness and freedom. Experience a whole new take to home living that harmonizes the spheres of indoors and outdoors in a single space.

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