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Vertical Opening: Advantages for Restaurateurs

In the world of gastronomy, the flexibility of the room layout plays a crucial role, especially when it comes to increasing revenue and providing guests with a pleasant experience. In this context, windows and facades that can be opened vertically can be a deciding factor. The benefits for restaurateurs are manifold and can optimize operations in several ways.

Rapid response to changing weather conditions

The ability to adapt the room concept to weather conditions is of paramount importance to restaurateurs in many countries. With vertical openings, restaurateurs can respond quickly without the need for rearrangements. Opening or closing can be accomplished in less than a minute and during full guest operations. This allows the staff to continue to attend to guests rather than being occupied with table rearrangements or guest reseating.

Easy implementation in existing buildings

The upward opening direction is particularly well-suited for existing properties in the gastronomy sector. It is generally easier and more cost-effective to implement than sinking facades into the ground. The HIRT kinetics HF 75 guillotine window, with an impressive width of up to 4 meters, can achieve similar effects to drop fronts. It enables a seamless floor-to-ceiling integration, as exemplified in NZZ Café and Europaallee in Zurich, to expand the restaurant area.

Generous Openings in Fine Dining

In upscale restaurants like the Michelin-starred Pavillon at the Baur au Lac or the AuGust restaurant at the Widder Hotel, vertical upward openings are often the only practical way to create generous openings without compromising seating arrangements or disturbing guests. This solution allows for a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor areas.

Use in the Take-Away Sector

Vertical openings are also extremely useful in the take-away sector. They can be used, for example, behind counters, as seen at Bellevue in Zurich. This application enables restaurateurs to provide their customers with a comfortable experience even in the context of take-out service.

Overall, windows and facades that open vertically offer restaurateurs and hoteliers numerous opportunities to meet their customers’ needs for fresh air and a cozy atmosphere in any weather. These flexible solutions not only enhance the guest experience but can also contribute to increasing revenue and making operations more efficient.