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The firm Kraus Architekten took spa design to a whole new level with HIRT kinetics®

Anyone who knows the city of Dusseldorf knows that it is quite a lively place. And for anyone staying in the house created by Kraus Architekten, with its garden, spa and graceful architecture, it’s hard to believe that they are actually in Downtown Dusseldorf.

This unparalled marvel is a veritable oasis, thanks to architectural genius and technical excellence. Architecturally, the building impresses with its timeless elegance, the elegant mix of materials and its perfect integration into the surrounding cityscape. The garden literally flows into the interior while the rough metal elements create an earthy, harmonious contrast to the greenery.

This aesthetic work of the architects is spectacularly augmented by the technical perfection of HIRT moving architecture®. The massive HIRT kinetics® elements made of metal and glass elegantly recede into the ground, creating a new dimension of ars vivendi and relaxation.

As the core component of the private spa, HIRT kinetics® serves two functions: The moving architecture is an absolute highlight in its own right, especially when it is in motion, yet without dominating the scene. But it also merges the exterior and interior spaces, giving them room to interact and unfold.