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A more natural architecture: Sky, earth, and water form a harmonious whole

Witness the elements coming together: When the sun shines, this indoor pool quickly turns into an outdoor one with an impressive panorama. Enjoy nature with all your senses.

Where tradition meets modern architecture: a spectacular vision

It seems almost too good to be true: An impressive villa on Lake Geneva, complete with parklike gardens and, as the jewel in the crown, a poolhouse. Here in Switzerland, Estravaganza Architectes have created a property which can be described only with a single sentence: It is a little paradise.

The newly added poolhouse blends harmoniously and naturally into the overall design.

The poolhouse, a new extension to the old manor house, is the secret heart of the estate, captivating visitors both with its impressive length and its clear geometrical lines. At the same time, it exudes a maritime flair down to the last detail – such as with its porthole windows, which pay homage to seagoing and sailing.

The floor of the swimming pool also catches the eye with its unusual style reminiscent of Art Deco and the grand time of Geneva’s Belle Époque: It is decorated with a black-and-white wave pattern mosaic as was fashionable in the early twentieth century. The floor of the pool thus creates a wonderful contrast to the simple elegance of the roof, which itself is modelled after the hull of a TF35, a new type of racing boat that takes sailing to a whole new level.

Rather than gliding through the water, these impressive catamarans seem to fly low across lakes and oceans on winglike structures, playing with the wind and braving the elements – just like the pool at this villa, which opens up onto Lake Geneva.

Striking: The pool’s floor pattern takes up the movement of water with its wave-like design.

An homage to wind, waves, and nature

From the poolhouse, the lawn slopes gently down to the spectacular body of water, creating the perfect backdrop for this tribute to sailing. Lake Geneva – or “Lac Léman” in French – covers an area of 580 km2, lying on the southern edge of the Alps between Switzerland and France. It is not only the second largest lake in Europe, but also sets itself apart with an especially mild climate.

Even if Geneva boasts nearly 2,000 hours of sunlight per year, storm clouds occasionally rage across this huge expanse of water. Estravaganza Architectes take up this play of the elements in order to emphasise the themes of nature and harmony. The architectural firm skilfully incorporates Aristotle’s theory of the four elements into this ensemble of buildings – with the singular aim of captivating the senses. This idea is implemented throughout and is also reflected in the poolhouse.

A clear statement: The owners love nature.

  • Earth: Built at ground level, the building blends unobtrusively into the landscape. The garden and terrace form an immediate part of the poolhouse.
  • Air: The delicate roof construction and especially the huge window areas lend the building a light and airy feel. Everything is clear, bright, and friendly.
  • Water: The pool appears to connect directly to the waters of Lake Geneva via the open garden. The two create a harmonious whole.
  • Fire: A magical atmosphere sets in when the last rays of light cast by the setting sun fall into the poolhouse and create sparling reflections on the water.

Living without compromises – thanks to HIRT moving architecture®

At this poolhouse on Lake Geneva, nothing is left to be desired. But its particular ingenuity is only revealed at a second glance: The huge window front opening up onto the lake silently retracts into the ground at the press of a button – thanks to the precise technology of HIRT kinetics® SF Spezial retractable window fronts. In beautiful weather, the indoor pool thus transforms into an outdoor pool in the blink of an eye. A gentle breeze blows across the water, you can hear the lake lapping at its shore and feel the sunlight tickle your skin … That is dolce vita in Switzerland!

Why compromise when you can have both with HIRT moving architecture®: If for once, the weather isn’t playing along, the retractable front simply stays closed. This way, residents and visitors can swim laps indoors while on the outside, rain patters against the windowpanes. No draft of air will reach the inside – thanks to the pneumatic seals and multiple layer glazing of HIRT kinetics® retractable window fronts providing the best possible thermal insulation.

HIRT moving architecture® works day in, day out – as reliably as a Swiss watch. The window fronts, measuring more than 13 meters in length, effortlessly set themselves in motion and vanish into the ground as if by magic. The step-free construction allows for a seamless transition between the indoor and outdoor natural stone flooring. And thanks to perfectly balanced counterweights, the entire window front, despite weighing 3.5 tons, can be moved manually just as easily as mechanically.

With HIRT kinetics® retractable fronts, you bring a piece of nature back into your everyday life and increase your wellbeing as you do so: because experiencing the elements with all your senses is simply good for body and soul.

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