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A space-saving system for the garage that may catch on

Planning and furnishing rooms in such a way as to make optimal use of the available space is an integral part of architecture and interior design. Usually, the focus of such optimisation is on living spaces, but in this exceptional project on the Côte d’Azur, the garage was the centre of attention.

A clever miracle of space

A garage is normally a rather unspectacular, functional room with a clearly defined purpose: to park vehicles. But it can also be an eye-catcher in its own right, providing an appropriate stage for a sports car or limousine. Moreover, building space is a scarce commodity along the Côte d’Azur and especially near the border with Monaco. The planners at Okna Mira were thus faced with the dual challenge of not only finding a design which suited the landscape, function, and requirements alike – but also optimising the usage of the available space. The answer they found is both uncompromising and ingenious.

This garage for a private villa in the French département of Alpes-Maritimes impresses with twofold sophistication: For one, it contains a car lift that doubles the number of available parking spaces. Thus, it is possible to accommodate a larger collection of vehicles even where space is limited and an underground garage is out of the question due to the building situation. Additionally, large window fronts not only provide plenty of light, but also turn the garage into an elegant car showroom.

HIRT kinetics® lifting fronts ensure an optimal use of space. They replace conventional garage doors, such as roller or hinged doors.

A clever alternative – and chic as well: Thanks to the large window fronts, the garage resembles a car showroom more than a simple parking space.

Space optimisation with HIRT kinetics® lifting fronts

Due to the requirements of the lift technology, a normal garage door was not an option: There was simply not enough room for the linkage required to lift the roller door and “park” it under the ceiling. Likewise, hinged doors would also have taken up too much space. But HIRT moving architecture® would not have lived up to its reputation of “innovation made in Switzerland” if it did not provide a visionary alternative: HIRT designers have perfected the idea, pioneered by architectural and design genius Mies van der Rohe, of doors and windows opening vertically – creating not only retractable, but also hoisting fronts. Thus, HIRT kinetics® offers the ideal solution.

Together with the villa’s owners, the planners decided on HIRT kinetics® hoist fronts to replace traditional garage doors. When they considered how to implement this technology, they looked up towards the ceiling, where there was plenty of space available. Unlike drop fronts, which stand on a supporting structure that descends when opened, hoist fronts are suspended on cables. They, too, are perfectly balanced by counterweights and are thus easily raised and lowered via a concealed mechanism. A patented fall protection system ensures that the hoist front remains in position even in the unlikely event that one of the cables should break. This ensures maximum safety at all times.

Perfectly balanced technology ensures that the lifting fronts glide up smoothly. Unlike retractable fronts, they do not stand on a supporting structure, but are instead suspended on cables.

Both semi-automatic and fully automatic controls are possible. The latter can easily be paired with a smart home system.

HIRT moving architecture®: different & without compromise

HIRT moving architecture® rethinks the way we build. Where static construction elements such as windows, gates, or walls once limited what was possible, HIRT engineers know there is another way. Architecture need not be rigid – it can become dynamic. Precise Swiss craftsmanship makes it possible for windows and gates to disappear at the touch of a button, opening up new possibilities.

HIRT kinetics® lifting fronts meet the highest standards in terms of sustainability and safety. For instance, trap protection and tightness against driving rain are guaranteed and bullet-resistant glass can be installed to further increase safety. Compliance with EU regulations is monitored by Suva, the Swiss National Accident Insurance Fund. All HIRT kinetics® construction models are Suva-certified.

Let the possibilities of HIRT moving architecture® inspire you. The systems have successfully been in use for many years and all around the globe. Experience the fascination of movement – not only on the road, but also in architecture.

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