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HIRT kinetics® set new standards for spas

Stepping out of this spa’s steaming waters in autumn or winter, you can enjoy the cosy warmth behind a large panoramic front – or you can let the HIRT kinetics® retractable front slide gently down for an extra “kick” of fresh air. Meanwhile, in summer sunshine, the pool transforms into an outdoor one situated in an enchanted garden. In short: a small wellness paradise opens up, right here in the heart of Düsseldorf.

Wellness oasis: aesthetics meet tranquillity

Spas, whether private ones or the wellness areas of the hospitality industry, have become true cathedrals of the modern age, providing an escape from the everyday. Here, people can consciously leave behind the stresses and permanent sensory overload of their day-to-day lives.

The chaos and constant pulsating energy of life with all its challenges remain locked out. Instead, tranquillity and relaxation are sought by means of minimalism and clarity. Modern wellness design is characterized by elegant materials and the creation of distinct places of retreat.

On the one hand, there is usually a light-flooded area employing the Scandinavian concept of hygge, as scientific studies show the positive impact of light, especially sunlight, on our well-being. Without it, for example in winter, we can even become tired and listless.

On the other hand, there are quiet zones, at times resembling grottos, which are kept in dark tones and equipped only with very subtle lighting. They are meant to provide an opportunity for complete withdrawal from the outside world. The aim of every spa is to eliminate mental and physical clutter, to make room for self-reflection and thus also for a new form of spirituality.

The retractable front is made from one piece and extends from the floor all the way up to the ceiling. This detail, too, emphasises the feeling of perfection, noblesse, and open space.

The panorama window disappears at the press of a button. The relaxation area thus extends out into the garden.

The inside and outside merge together: Where does the wellness area end and the garden begin? HIRT kinetics® retractable fronts change dimensions and expand the “living space”.

A beautiful spa created in the heart of Düsseldorf

Entering this special oasis of calm for the first time, it is hard to believe that you are still right in the middle of bustling Düsseldorf. Kraus Architekten have mastered the challenge of creating a private wellness temple in the heart of the city with flying colours. To make room for this retreat, a multi-family home was converted and expanded with a basement.

This made room for a spacious private wellness area consisting of a pool, gym, and sauna. The design can best be described as timeless and elegant. While marble tiles set the tone in the pool area, warm wood dominates in the homely lounge and relaxation area, as well as in the gym and sauna. The secret highlight of the spa, however, is the huge panorama window. It opens onto the “secret” garden, which itself relies on lots of green and a little concrete.

Weathering steel, along with other materials, is used to create an opaque boundary against the outside. Its rusty patina resonates perfectly with the floorboards as well as the lighting concept used inside, providing the ensemble with additional “grounding”.

In less than perfect weather, the front simply stays raised. Thanks to the sophisticated pneumatic sealing technology, not the tiniest breath of air gets through – while the large glass fronts still let in plenty of natural light.

A central piece with a double function: the panorama window by HIRT kinetics®

Masterful aesthetics and technical perfection combine in ingenious ways in the huge glass front. This is the spa’s secret star, as the panorama window possesses a special feature that reveals itself only at a second glance: It is not simply a normal window, but a HIRT kinetics® retractable front which can be lowered across its entire length at the press of a button. This way, the lounge and relaxation area – where the residents and their guests relax on comfortable sofas after enjoying the sauna – merges with the terrace and garden in warm weather. The room expands its dimensions and nature flows in.

When the retractable front gracefully descends, it unfolds a special kind of magic: Although it weighs several tons, it gives the impression of weightlessness. To accomplish such a feat of physics, the panorama window stands on a supporting structure perfectly balanced by counterweights. All of this is effortlessly set in motion by a small motor housed in the utility room. The HIRT kinetics® retractable front disappears seamlessly into the floor – a small detail which contributes greatly to the perfect overall impression. No barrier mars the view from the pool out into the garden. In this way, inside and outside can merge harmoniously.

HIRT moving architecture® rethinks the static and redefines processes in their entirety. Windows, gates, and even entire walls become dynamic with the proven technology “made in Switzerland”. They change their dimensions and in doing so, open up undreamt-of possibilities. You decide when to bring nature into your home and when to leave it outside. To experience nature with all your senses is a privilege – and an incentive for HIRT moving architecture®. Come be inspired!

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