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Your family’s safety is the highest priority

HIRT kinetics® not only ensures safety, but also implements it in style. Retractable glass fronts provide countless opportunities. One of these is as a retractable front serving as an invisible barrier which can be raised at the press of a button. Ensuring a carefree, safe stay on your terrace – without any compromises on style and function.

An invisible safeguard around the pool

To paraphrase German comedian Vicco von Bülow, better known as Loriot: Summer without a pool is possible, but pointless. After all, a pool is more than just somewhere to swim or splash around in – it enriches every property, providing an opportunity to cool down, relax and have fun on a hot day.

An in-ground pool radiates dignity and elegance, but also carries some risks. Children especially are almost magically attracted to water; its smooth surface all but invites them to throw something in, lean over its edge, or splash about in it. A single careless moment can easily result in tragedy. In order for you to make carefree use of your garden or yard, and to be able to let your children play there without supervision, you need a barrier.

After all, safety comes first. However, spaciousness, noblesse, and style are also of great importance when designing a villa with a terrace, yard, and pool. All the better if you don’t have to choose: Safety and elegance, without compromises!

The pool’s glass barrier is barely visible. It efficiently separates the pool area from the terrace.

A pool safety barrier with transparent HIRT kinetics® retractable fronts fits in perfectly with the architecture and makes the pool area more secure.

Transparent HIRT kinetics® are the stylish alternative to a pool fence

Form follows function: This principle of design also holds true when it comes to making a pool child safe. Ordinary pool fences may be convenient, but they are hardly elegant. In the case of this impressive pool, with a ground-level water surface which contributes considerably to the property’s overall architectural impression, a traditional pool covering with tarpaulins or nets was out of the question. A pool fence, too, would disturb the sense of openness and the way the terrace and yard are incorporated into the living area. The ideal solution for this tasteful ensemble of villa, yard, and pool are HIRT kinetics® retractable fronts. They don’t disturb the modern design focused on clarity and elegance, while at the same time complying with the very highest of safety standards.

The retractable glass elements by HIRT kinetics® are used as a transparent pool safety solution. They run between terrace and pool, and also continue into the yard and sitting area. This way, they separate the water completely from the living space without cutting off the view or making the yard look smaller. The glass modules, each roughly chest-high at 1.2 meters, don’t feel out of place, yet still provide very efficient child safety, as children can neither pull themselves up on nor climb over them. At the same time, the shatterproof glass acts as effective splash water protection – not only for people, but also for any water-sensitive furnishings. At the press of a button, HIRT kinetics® retractable fronts lower and vanish seamlessly into the ground. Now, the clever alternative to a pool fence shows its stylistic perfection by simply not being there at all. That’s the secret of HIRT kinetics® retractable fronts: They are elegant, safe – and gone when you want them to be.

HIRT kinetics® retractable fronts symbolise the height of modern technology and elegance. On this, the designers at HIRT will not compromise.

Rethinking the world with HIRT moving architecture®

This way, you are free to let your children play out on the terrace and in the yard without having to constantly supervise them. It might sound trivial, but this can hugely enrich your family life – and also means more quality time for the adults, too. Conversely, the children can splash about in the water as much as they like without disturbing the tranquillity of the terrace.

The retractable fronts by HIRT kinetics® are a stylish alternative to a pool fence or can be used as a barrier around a close-to-nature swimming pond. As a safety feature, they are a sensible investment for any pool – even if there are no non-swimmers in the household, as they also protect pets and wild animals from falling into the water from which they might be unable to escape on their own. Additionally, the raisable HIRT kinetics® glass fronts also provide an effective windscreen for the terrace without limiting the view.

HIRT moving architecture® consciously leaves behind static ways of thinking and uses flowing motion to transcend borders. In this way, architecture is completely redefined while HIRT’s sophisticated technology sets new standards regarding quality and elegance.

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