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In March/April 2017, a traditional guest house (“majlis”) at a private construction project in Doha, Qatarwas designed with a gigantic HIRT descending wall.

The sales partner in charge of the project was  Kollegger Metallbau. The company based in Graz (Austria) was commissioned by the private client with installing the solution in Doha. This construction project ideally lent itself to using HIRT Swiss Descending Windows. The client and architect wanted a solution that creates an airy and open garden atmosphere. In the event of strong winds or a sandstorm, the large descending window would simply be raised and transform into a protective facade.

What was wanted was to open up the room as widely as possible and create a frameless panorama effect. The solution was a pane of glass sized 37 ft x 10.5 ft.

The large-scale format was specified with laminated safety glass. Glass Production Partner Seele/Sedak supplied the multi-functional insulating glass with this impressive dimension. The window, which weighs over 8,150 lb, alone, was installed with special tools. The glass was transported to Doha by ship as it would not have withstood the pressure differences present on an airplane. All other parts of the descending wall were shipped to their destination on the Arabian Peninsula by air freight.

In order to be able to withstand the high wind loads, a special composite construction was developed for the descending window. This ensures that the descending wall will operate operates perfectly even under high wind loads.

Martin Kollegger and his team took care of the installation, which was completed in about three weeks.