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HIRT in the news

HIRT moving architecture® is on course for growth

With the aim of strengthening our global sales activities and further increasing awareness of the HIRT moving architecture® and HIRT kinetics® brands, Felix Röscheisen joined our company as Chief Commercial Officer and Deputy Managing Director on September 1.

With many years experience in management consulting, financial services and building innovative companies, Felix Röscheisen expands HIRT moving architecture’s expertise in the areas of strategy, growth, financing and digitalization. As a partner of Creative Intelligence Society AG, he had already developed the new strategic positioning of HIRT moving architecture.

We will further consolidate HIRT moving architecture’s market position as the world’s leading supplier of vertically moving building components. We want to inspire architects to explore the additional creative freedom offered by movable architectural elements – and to show owners the incomparable gains in quality of life and enjoyment that HIRT kinetics® can create in their luxury properties.

Felix Röscheisen