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HIRT kinetics® have proven themselves in the harshest climates. Whether salty coastal gushes, tropical humidity or snow storms – just close your HIRT kinetics® and you are safe and cozy.
  • 100% sealed
  • Energy-saving heat insulation
  • Versatile materials

HIRT kinetics® can be supplied and operated anywhere on the globe, but the components are always manufactured in Switzerland based on stringent quality standards.

Temperature profile

Superior thermal insulation

HIRT kinetics® reduce your power consumption. Some major features include the best thermal properties and efficient air circulation. The thermally broken aluminum profiles provide 2.125 in of insulation and a Uf value of 0.24. Glass panels up to max 2.5 in can be installed.

HIRT kinetics SF 90 example values: Size 4,5 m x 2,4 m / 15 ft x 8 ft, triple glazing with a u-value of 0.09. The thermal transfer value of the entire descending wall has an Uw value of 0.13.

Isothermal curve

Perfectly sealed thanks to up to four sealing levels

Pneumatic seals do not allow any drafts to pass through. The inner seal and a sophisticated system of contact pressure and labyrinth seals on the outside ensure draft-free comfort.

The seal is inflated automatically by means of a control pulse. Brush seals remove coarse dirt and make for a visually pleasing transition from the frame to the panel. We recommend installing a hot air duct into the floor to compensate for the missing heat reflection by the glass.

Structural physics

Air permeability according to EN1026/EN12207
Class 4
Resistance to wind load according to EN12211/EN12210
Class C4
Water tightness under heavy rain according to EN1027/EN12208
Class E1500


HIRT kinetics® are absolutely safe in operation due to strict compliance with EN standards and CE conformity. They are an excellent protection against burglaries and can be fitted with the material of your choice to provide the protection that you need.
  • Proven pinch protection
  • High or very high burglary protection depending on the material used
  • Meet or exceed global standards

HIRT kinetics® not only act as impressive eye-catchers, but they are also safe in every respect: Swiss precision and engineering excellence vouch for this.


All HIRT kinetics® are tailor-made solutions. Take inspiration from our project examples and tell us about your project.
  • Limitless options
  • Free choice of shapes, colors, material
  • Vast range as regards size and weight

For HIRT kinetics®, the word “impossible” does not apply. No matter how daring, crazy or extravagant your ideas may be, we can make pretty much anything happen.

Moving architecture.

HIRT kinetics® turns buildings into moving architecture. When building elements that are normally static suddenly start to move, this creates moments of great surprise and wonder. By adding the dimension of movement to architecture, our solutions turn buildings into works of art art, while at the same time, deliver a highly functioning system.

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