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HIRT swiss descending windows becomes HIRT moving architecture®.

Enriching architecture with the possibility of movement is what drives us. With our new positioning «HIRT moving architecture®» we give this thought a shape and a face.

And we do this in two ways. On the one hand, we physically move elements such as windows, walls and façades, and on the other, we create great emotions: the “wow effect” that everyone experiences when the surrounding space is transformed by the soundless movement of its confines.

HIRT inspires, delights, and astonishes – HIRT moves people and their emotions. HIRT moving architecture® therefore epitomizes the corporate purpose of our company. The defining element of movement is from now on also reflected in the name of our products: HIRT kinetics® enable «moving architecture».

On our website you can now find even more detailed information about our projects and the architects who designed them. Be inspired and get excited!